The Two Level Overcall

The TLO is kind of a tweener bid. Sometimes it fits right into our system while other times it resembles more closely a standard TLO. If an Intermediate overcall is available, then a TLO is either a more or less standard overcall -- with only a five card suit -- or it is a preemptive bid

If there's no Intermediate available, then it's more difficult to tell exactly what the overcaller has -- especially when the hand appears to be inappropriate for a PD or other action -- which could be anywhere from a preempt to an ok intermediate.

The best way to respond to this bid is to treat the TLO as a standard overcall, but try not to hang partner. Maybe have a little extra for a natural 2 NT, and try not to raise on a bad hand with honor doubleton for support.

Two level bids in a new suit aren't forcing, which is different from standard, but partner will strive to raise you with a good hand and support. In competition, we play that a double or a redouble by advancer shows a good raise to three of partner's suit while the direct raise is merely blocking, not guaranteeing values. A cue-bid in these sequences just promises a good hand either in support of partner or in another suit.

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