Bids at the 4 level are NAMYATS style showing 8 to 8-1/2 playing tricks. Bid 4 of the corresponding minor to show the strong hand while bidding 4 of the major shows the more preemptive hand: 4C => 4H and 4D = > 4S. Over 1H and 1S, 4C and 4D are normal 4 minor preempts.

Responding to NAMYATS

  1. Accepting the transfer denies interest in slam.
  2. Bidding the step in between, shows a mild interest in slam.
  3. Bidding a new suit asks for a control in that suit; 4 NT would be RKC.

2 Spade Jump Over 1 Club

This is the only existing jump preempt available below the 4 level; treat this as you would in standard. A 1 spade overcall of 1 club thus tends to deny the preemptive style hand.

3 Level Jump Cue Bid

One of the easiest bids in the system, asks advancer for a stopper in the bid suit and tends to show a long minor with a couple outside cards.

Alerts in the Structure

Clearly, many calls in the structure are alertable as the differ greatly from standard practices, such as a NTO. An alert "problem" materializes from our natural overcalls. Even though they are natural, they still diverge from standard whether or not you happen to hold an unusual hand (systemic for us).

We believe it's only fair to alert these calls; generally, we are only alerting the opponents to the negative inferences from the call. This unfortunately elicits confusion. The best way to avoid this is to try and pre-alert the opponents to our unusual methods. When the opponents ask for explanation, give them just a general understanding of the bid while letting them know there's more information available if they are interested.

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