The Intermediate Jump Overcall

Bids at the 3 level when higher than the two cheapest jump shifts show a single suited hand with the values to bid to the 3 level in competition. The hands generally range from 12 HCP and a 7 card suit to a bad 17 HCP with a six card suit. Suit quality is generally about a 1 loser maximum.

The available bids are:

Treat with respect to vulnerability. In a major, one top trick and a fit by responder is usually sufficient to bid game vul. vs. nonvul, but nonvul vs. vul even 1 & 1/2 tricks with a fit would probably be insufficient (overcaller has a NAMYATS bid available showing 8 to 8 1/2 tricks).

All game bids are to play, and 4 level bids below game are usually slam tries for overcaller's suit.

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