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EverQuest... EverCrack... what should I call it??

I've managed to get myself heavily involved with EQ over the last few months, even to the point of giving up most of my bridge activities.
Everquest is an online gaming community of some 450,000 people all running around (on 40 or so different servers) interacting, chatting, fighting (sometimes each other) other monsters (mobs) and getting good loot to make your character better.
You know Diablo? This is nothing like it! 100's of times better though.
Here are my favorite EQ sites:


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  • Marker Stayman (Forcing Stayman, Transfers, and two-suited invitational hands over a weak NT structure)
  • The Overcall Structure (By John Fout.  A treatment to provide a more aggressive way to bid your hands when the opponents have opened the bidding) 
  • WEASEL over Preemption (A convention to cover those pesky preempts)

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